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Sundar Kala Kendra Foundation was established in 1985 to promote Indian classical Kathak dance in the USA.  The foundation is an umbrella organization for the Sundar Kala Kendra Kathak dance school and the Anjani’s Kathak Dance of India the professional touring company. The foundation is an only such organization in Southern California that promotes Kathak dance through teaching, performing, presenting artist and creating various artistic productions and presenting them at various venues in the greater Los Angeles area and in the USA.   The Sundar Kala Kendra foundation was established by Anjani Ambegaokar the renowned Kathak master artist who was awarded the most prestigious lifetime achievement award, the National Heritage Fellowship for 2004 by the National Endowment for the Arts, for her over 35 years of contribution in Kathak dance in the USA.  She is the first Indian dance artist to have received this honor in the 24 years of the history of the award. 

Sundar Kala Kendra Kathak dance school started 25 years ago, teaching the 4,000 years old classical tradition to little kids, who have grown as professional doctors and lawyers and business women, and some of them still continue to tour as part of Anjani’s Kathak Dance of India Company

Some of the highlights of the dance company performances include the Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center out of doors festival, New York, Ravinia Festival, Chicago,  Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Asian Alaskan Festival, Anchorage, University of Hawaii, Honolulu to mention a few.

Sundar Kala Kendra Foundation has presented unique performances promoting Indian arts and culture to the community, such as Ritu Sanharam, Sita Haran, Shri Krishna, and Kalidas’ Shakuntalam etc.  The foundation has received several grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, The California Arts Council, Irvine Foundation and more. 

Anjani Ambegaokar has taken up a very special project of teaching Kathak dance to the inner city high school students as part of Heart project organization.

This current production of Amrapali-Raj Nartaki and Art of Basketball Kathak style is part of the 20 year celebration of Sundar Kala Kendra Foundation.