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Review of Kathak Mahotsava - April 1st 2010, New Delhi India


     Guru Pandit Sundarlalji Ganganiís disciple Anjaniji has been living in the USA for a long period of time and has promoted Kathak extensively in the USA. It is with  sheer astonishment that you watch how she has trained her daughter Amrapali with such detailed nuances of Kathak dance and how Amrapali has acquired the nuances of Kathak dance.  To include their dance performance as part of the prestigious Kathak Mohostava is like addition of the four moons from the sky (Char Chand Lagane Jaisa Hai).

Anajniji and Amrapali presented a very impressive repertoire in Tintal

Shashiprabha Tivari

JANSATTA, New Delhi, India April 10th 2010